We take great pride in the quality of our produce and the individualized service we offer each of our customers. We understand that quality + service = the difference between us and your neighborhood grocery store. If you experience issues with either, please let us know immediately by contacting Hello@AlexanderFruit.com with a subject line of ISSUE. Of course we both understand that fresh items can be a little unpredictable and that we cannot possibly know what is going on inside a melon, winter squash, or other such items. Nevertheless, we stand behind our reputation for putting our customers first and will issue a credit for the item under discussion or replace it with something of equal value in the following delivery. We ask only that  (1) you notify us of the issue before the ordering deadline of Sunday evening so we can make the adjustment to your account before or in the upcoming delivery and (2) that you include a description of the issue, a timeline and, if possible, a picture of the item in question. If the issue is with our service, please describe the situation in detail. We will evaluate it closely and respond promptly. Thank you!


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